Classic Car and Truck / Vintage Auto Consignment Program

Take advantage of our Consignment Program!

  • We will get you, on average, 20-30% more money for your vehicle, as an online dealership that sells nationally and internationally, than you will as an individual seller. This more than covers our 8% fee and gets you an additional 8% return for doing no work!

  • Our buyers can get financing for their classic vehicle purchase because we are a licensed and bonded dealer. We do all of the advertising and showing the car for you. If a test drive is needed, WWVA senior employees will test drive your car for the potential client.

  • We store ALL consignment vehicles on a four-post lifts, off of the floor. Your vehicle will be stored in our 40,000 square foot indoor, climate controlled show room. We sell over 900 vehicles per year online!

  • We list vehicles on eBay with ZERO risk to you! We are professionals at eBay and at any given time have no less than 50 vehicles for sale on eBay with 100% Feedback! Take advantage of the eBay market using our proven feedback and track record. This in itself will get you 20-30% more on average for your vehicle. In addition more people domestically and internationally will bid higher and more when buying from a bonded dealership.

  • Our minimum commission is $2,500 or 8.0% whichever is greater. There are ZERO additional fees.

  • The contract is for 60 days. This will only come to an end if the market will not pay what you need for the vehicle. If we are close on price we will continue to market the vehicle.

  • The vehicle must be in our 40,000 indoor showroom while under consignment.

  • We sell 95% of our vehicles online. So rest assured your vehicle most likely will never be driven or have the “tires kicked”. We certify all of our vehicles before sale.

    We list on the most competitive .coms related to vintage vehicles such as but not limited to:

    • Hemming’s
    • craigslist
    • etc…
    We are listing on no less than three of these sites at any given time and up to five! You listing yourself on each site would cost on average $50 per site. We are constantly watching the productivity of each of these sites to make sure we are listing with the best. These .coms are constantly changing to make sure you get the best price for your vehicle! Your vehicle will be listed on our website for the full term of your contract of 60 days. Our website alone brings 1,000+ focused lucrative leads per day! You do not have to deal with tire kickers or dreamers, we will do it for you. 90% of our business is done online and vehicles are sold on our reputation.  


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