Going Offroad: What Happened to Vintage 4×4’s and Why They’re Back in the Spotlight

Everybody loves vintage vehicles – the sense of nostalgia taking you back to yesteryear cruising for the sake of cruising, not in a rush to get to work or complete some errand in our hectic, electronic world today.

Now, an existing but now growing in popularity, the vintage 4×4 is taking the spotlight. Many think of a ’57 Chevy or an old James Bond Aston Martin when they think of classic and vintage vehicles, but 4x4s are gaining interest and becoming another worthy investment for the collector.

1977 Ford Bronco for Sale

A cherry 1968 Ford Bronco is becoming a head turner more than ever these days. And, that once $2,500.00 4×4 is worth more than 15 times than its original sticker price. The original International Scout and its successor the Scout II are a couple of vintage 4x4s to keep your eye on too. Tough and versatile these are not only serious 4x4s, they turn in to convertibles with a couple of guys and a wrench to take off the top.

There is something to be said about rolling around in a big 4×4 that was built before you were born. Knowing your 1960 Chevy Apache K10 4×4 will probably just get a dent in an accident (with the 2016 Escalade that hit you being totaled out) lends confidence when out on the road.

The craftsmanship behind older cars and trucks was hearty and meant to be built to last, hence the increasing demand for vintage 4x4s, and the availability of 50-plus year old 4x4s. Not only built tougher and easier to work on, vintage 4x4s are more fun to drive. Raw power with eye-catching lines your vintage 4×4 can take you downtown for a night of frivolity or allow you to power through snowdrifts and easily ford a river. Form, function, and fun all in one powerful package!


Within the vintage 4×4 market the WWII era and other old world military 4×4 trucks, like the Willy’s Jeep and the beastly Unimog, are finding a big following. And, the old military truck market is filled with amazing gems ranging from tracked vehicles and tanks to big 4×4 troop transports and Jeeps.

Today, the world of old 4x4s and trucks is capturing the hearts of the novice and experienced collectors alike. The appeal for these big, powerful machines is many fold, but the simple fact is, an old, well-built 4×4 gives us a sense of strength and omnipotence knowing we can power through any environment with nary a scratch – a testament to the sturdiness and quality of these trucks of days gone by.

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