Land Rover Defender: A British Off-Road Icon

Despite only 7,000 Land Rovers being built to North American spec from 1993-1997, it remains one of the most iconic and desirable off-road 4X4s on the market today. These vehicles continue to appreciate in value as they become more rare in their original spec. No two years of NAS Defenders are the same, as the engine, transmission and options lists changed year to year. Land Rover offered a soft top exclusively to the North American market in a variety of colors. While the 110 offered seating for 9 people, the 90 was customizable; one bench accommodating two passengers or four inward facing chairs.



Up until 1993, the Range Rover was the only vehicle offered in the United States, but Land Rover knew there was huge potential for success with the Land Rover 90, 110 and Discovery. The first 500 alpine white Defender 110s hit US markets in 1993 and laid the groundwork for Land Rovers success over the next 4 years. This allowed for the success of the 1,943 Defenders 90s that arrived in 1994.


The Land Rover Defender’s rugged capability, consistent styling, and unique shape have kept it at the forefront of classic, off-road 4X4s.


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