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Worldwide Vintage Autos has sold thousands of classic cars and trucks to happy customers all over the world. Please take a look at where some of our customers are located and what they are saying. These are true, unfiltered and unsolicited reviews by customers of Worldwide Vintage Autos. WWVA is fortunate to share our passion with great customers all around the globe! Happy motoring!



“Let me just say this, I don’t know much about classic cars. But I wanted to do something special for my husband’s birthday, and he’s been not so subtly reminiscing about his dream car from high school for a few years now, so I decided to buy him a Camaro. I found one on eBay, and I was pretty sure it was the one, since it was a 72, but when I contacted the seller, WWVA, I quickly learned I was in over my head. Apparently there are differences between the model years, even with the same body style, there are different trim packages, there’s more value in 4-speeds, and bigger engines, and on and on…  Thankfully, the salesman took about an hour out of his day to explain the differences to me, and to help me find the right car. Turns out the one I was looking at on eBay wouldn’t have been the one my husband wanted for various reasons. Thankfully they had four other Camaros in stock, and one of them was perfect, and a much better color, in my opinion. Oh, and it was cheaper…  I ended up buying a 1973 Camaro RS. They arranged shipping, and it arrived a week later exactly as described. My husband is now the envy of every other man in the neighborhood (in his mind at least) and is forever obligated to get me an awesome present for my birthday in perpetuity… Thanks guys!”

Ally W.

Newington, NHWorldwide Vintage Autos


“I bought a vintage vehicle from Worldwide Vintage Autos. They were great to work with. I was very happy with my purchase and will absolutely work with them in the future. Thanks for all the amazing help.”

Jerry B.

Denver, CO


“Found a sweet truck on a website. Watched the video. Looked at the pictures. Phoned and talked to a salesman multiple times. Talked myself out of buying it multiple times. Then I’d look at the pictures and watch the video and talked to him]some more and ultimately decided this would NOT be the one that got away, and I wired the cash to buy a 64 old truck I hadn’t even test-driven. Last week my truck rolled into Santa Cruz CA from Denver, CO and I am telling you, I am one happy man! This truck is two years older than me and I wish I was in the same shape. Sure, she creaks and rattles and she needs some tweaks but HOLY COW. Every detail is as represented. The WWVA staff made the sale go smooth as a silk. Even after the sale, the salesman dug up info to help me out with a few repairs. Thinking about doing something crazy? Do it. Worldwide Vintage Autos. They are good people.”

Mardi B.

Worldwide Vintage Autos

Santa Cruz, CA

  “We recently sold 2 vehicles through World Wide Autos, a fully restored 1968 Mustang and a Factory V Cobra that we built. We were in need of someone that could help us value and market these cars. Alex was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He personally came out to value the cars, he transported them to his show room for us, and the cars were sold within weeks, for a fair price to both sides. Once the cars were sold, Alex paid us the same day we signed over the title. Alex made the whole process as painless as possible and we would definitely take advantage of his services in the future.” Lynda M.  

“Kind of uncomfortable buying a car that you haven’t driven but the photos and videos on the website are very thorough and [the salesman] was very helpful. The buying process was smooth and car was shipped out to me without much trouble. The FJ is in great condition and driving well. I would definitely use these guys again.”

Stewart A. Worldwide Vintage Autos

Santa Fe, NM Worldwide Vintage Autos


“Thanks WWVA for VIP list. The fair direct prices allow me to buy and import easily. Its a great way for me to get inventory for my dealership in NZ”

Oliver M.

Christchurch, New ZealndWorldwide Vintage Autos


“Found what I wanted, flew in and visited the store.  Looked over the car, liked what I saw and bought it. Out the door in less than an hour. Professional and very easy to deal with.  Amazing inventory, knowledgeable sales people and all indoors. I misplaced the bill of sale and called and spoke with one of the salesmen. I was at the MVD and within 5 minutes, he found the receipt and faxed it to the MVD for me so I could complete the registration. That is customer service. Thank you WWVA.”

Eric S.

Chandler, AZ 

“I bought a 1955 Willy 4wd wagon, it had a few issues I found when it was received. WWVA offered to pay part of the repairs on a carb & brake issue. I know they did not have to do this because of the AS IS AGREEMENT, but seeing as how it was an out of state sale and was not inspected by me or my representative he decided to step up and do the right thing…….. so Kudos….”

Skip D.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“I recently purchased a Land Rover from WWVA and have loved the car and actually enjoyed the buying process. I found the car on the web site and was originally concerned about buying without seeing the car. I looked through all the photos (I really felt like I knew the car) but I wasn’t really ready to do a web sale. So I called the dealership and was able to stop by on a Saturday and they let me spend all the time I wanted with it. They even put it on a car lift for me so I could look under it. The visit was great to see the car and all the others they had, but really the pictures showed me all I need to know. I got the car right there and have loved it. Something about the rugged fun of a Land Rover… exactly what I wanted.”

Evan C.

Denver, CO

“Let me say from the beginning that my experience with “Worldwide Vintage Autos” of Denver Colorado was nothing short of stellar!!! As we all know customer service and integrity in business these days is seemingly all but a thing of the past. These guys amazed me! They bought my 1965 Vintage Chevrolet C10 Truck with a handshake over the phone. The transaction itself was done so simply, quickly, and so professionally I couldn’t believe it!!! Chris & Greg when I said you can expect me in the future to turn the tables and buy a vehicle from “Worldwide Vintage Autos” I wasn’t kidding. I couldn’t have asked for better people to do business with!   BH in Atlanta Georgia”

Bryan H.

Atlanta, GA

“Highly recommended! These guys helped me purchase a beautiful classic 4×4 vehicle, and I will definitely be using them again in the future. Customer service was great– very friendly and helpful staff. And their warehouse is a must see– lots of unique cars from all over the world– truly impressive.”

Brad B.

Cologne, Germany

“I bought my Bronco without taking their advice and going to the showroom to see/drive it, but I got what they advertised… except the tires were in worse shape than the ad suggested and WWVA sent me a check to help pay for the tires without my asking. I would definitely buy from them again, and anybody who has anything bad to say about them must have unrealistic expectations as we are buying CLASSIC CARS. The staff there is very helpful, recommended!”

Jason A.

Anchorage, Alaska

“We arrived without an appointment  (we didn’t know we needed one) they were not busy and let us in and look around. Great communication!  Very professional! They were patient when we thought our funds should be transferred quicker. They even checked up with us after the purchase. No hassles, no problems and such an easy transaction. The car runs great!  They made my husband’s 30 year dream come true. We couldn’t be happier!”

L V.

Littleton, CO

“Having never bought a classic vehicle before, I wanted to make sure I did my homework. I found WWVA through my relentless search on the internet. I fell in love with a Ford Bronco they were selling and pulled the trigger. The photos and video gave me a very high level of comfort that I was getting an amazing Bronco. The sales guy I worked with answered any and every question I had. When it arrived on the truck, I took it for a spin with my wife. I was beyond satisfied! I was blown away by the inventory they had and the exceptional knowledge they had about each car I pondered buying before selecting the Ford. I would recommend these guys to a friend in a heartbeat. It’s tough to find good people in the car business and WWVA is good.”

Nick P.

“Love my 1948 Jeepster from WorldWide Vintage Autos. Purchase and shipping arrangements were flawless and smooth. Thanks for the smooth transaction.”

Bill H.

San Diego, CA 

“On October 15, 2015 I found myself in need of a DeLorean. I was hosting a “Back To The Future” party at my house and called people high and low trying to find a deal on one. As you might know the “Back To The Future” date was October 21, 2015. So I only had 6 days to make this happen. I looked all over the Internet to find the right car for my party which was hosted in my garage. The most friendly people I found was at Worldwide Vintage autos. They helped me in a very difficult task of finding the right vehicle. In a way they were a broker to find what I needed, even though they did not have one in their inventory. While the car was bought sight unseen, I went to the showroom to pick the car up myself. I was completely blown away. There had to have been 200 cars in their warehouse. And not average cars you see on the road. These are classics and vintage cars. A car collectors dream! It was obvious when I went through the warehouse how they care so much about cars and told me so much about so many of the cars they have on the floor! But most importantly the car they found for me was PERFECT! End of the day my experience was awesome! I have always dreamed of owning a DeLorean. A 1981 specifically. The car was in nearly perfect condition. I can’t thank these guys enough for not only helping me own a dream, but in the ability to make it happen so fast.. . . I could not be any happier for I had a specific request and they delivered exactly what I asked for. Thank you Worldwide!!!”

Andrew R.

Denver, CO

“I have bought 2 vehicles from WWVA.  I live in Denver so I have the chance to see their operation first hand.  I work with Chris and Kathi and they have been amazing.  My FJ is amazing, and Chris was able to locate my dream car, a Defender 90 soft top!  He is also trying to locate a 110 for me. I cannot tell you how amazing they are.  Email me with any questions.  As a doctor I am very picky and expect excellence.  They are the best. Dr. Idiculla”

Anil I.

Denver, CO

“I am writing this letter to express my extreme thanks for an ease of buying experience from New York to Colorado.  My partner and I purchased a 1955 F100 Ford Truck. From the initiation of the sale to the sale itself, our salesman and Worldwide Vintage Autos were top notch. Worldwide Vintage Autos stands behind their products advertised and it was a pleasure working with them. I highly recommend this company for collectible, exotic and luxury cars. The staff is knowledgeable and well informed. For a one on one experience from afar I recommend [WWVA] without hesitation.”

Rebecca G.

New York, NY

“WWVA. Come visit and see my collection. The Powerwagon looks out of place but does it get attention out here! Wow”

Haru S.

Osaka, Japan

“I purchased a 1971 Cutlas convertible from Worldwide Vintage autos, and I love the car!! I was on the VIP list, saw the car come out on Thursday, and called [one of their salesmen]. He was very helpful, and knows a lot about the classic cars. He went over every detail with me on the phone, and in person. I also hired an outside company to do an inspection, Soneff’s Master Garage. There inspection was just as detailed as the salesman’s description! I like honesty, and found it here. We have been going to shows, and cruise nights in my 1st classic, and would recommend this place to anyone. I feel positive comments are not often left, and negatives seem more from people who don’t do their homework, or get inspections on poor decisions. Thanks again, Pat…”

Pat M.

Parker, CO

“So I purchased a Toyota Landcruiser from worldwide vintage auto around six months ago. After reading through the description, looking over every inch of every picture, and talking with [a salesman] about the vehicle in detail, I decided to fly out and pull the trigger. I have to say I was pretty impressed with their operation, everyone at the warehouse was courteous, and the vehicles in the building were impressive to say the least. The Landcruiser was exactly as described, and it ran like a dream. Against their recommendation, I even drove all the back home. I stopped in Yellowstone, before making my way back down to the coast, and was at nearly 10,000 feet at one point and the motor never skipped a beat. . . . I couldn’t be happier with the transaction. I’ve had to do some minor upkeep, which is to be expected, but really I’ve never been more satisfied with a used car purchase. Six months on and it’s still going strong. I’ve taken the FJ up to my cabin in Big Bear many times, and this baby hauls off-road. If I ever decide I have to have that 97 Defender I was eyeing, I know exactly where I’ll come to by one.”

James H.

Santa Monica, CA 

“We had a great experience at World Wide Vintage Autos from the very start. We showed up without an appointment(not knowing we needed one) they welcomed us in and showed us around. When our funds didn’t come through as fast as we had hoped they would WWVA were patient. We kept in touch, they kept in touch and even after the deal was over they kept in touch. The car runs great and we are loving our new toy Cobra. Thanks so much for your patience, honestly and communication.”

Laurie VW

“My experience purchasing a car from Worldwide Vintage Autos was very professional. I was not pressured into purchasing a vehicle, and they were very knowledgeable about the different vehicles available. If you are looking for a one of a kind ride, look no further then Worldwide Vintage Autos!”

Travis D

“These guys truly went above and beyond expectations. I purchased a Mercedes 190sl from them and I must say based on their description I was expecting a mediocre vehicle but when it showed up in my driveway I got way more than I expected. Purchasing a $75,000 vehicle over the internet is scary but these guys were spectacular. Thanks again WWVA, I will be back again for the next addition to the collection.”

Cory P

Denver, CO

“These guys rock! I recently purchased a 1956 Porsche 550 Replica. Was lucky enough to be in Denver and had a chance to go look at the car and the warehouse. The car was EXACTLY as described and the entire WWVA team went out of their way to answer questions, provide insight, and point out all the details of the car. The purchase transaction was smooth, lightning fast and when I went to pick up the car, it was completely ready to go. They even called me the next day to make sure everything was perfect! I have purchased dozens and dozens of cars and this was by far one of my best experiences. I can’t wait to pick up another one from these guys— WWVA-KEEP IT UP and thanks!”

Brett N.

Lone Tree, CO 

“Reviews aren’t usually my schtick but after this experience I felt this was noteworthy. I was skeptical at first after reading some of the negative reviews, but being local I decided to make an appoint and see the Willys Jeep I was scoping in person… Let me just say this – solid experience. No upsells or BS, just excellent customer service. The staff went out of their way to address every issue I had with the Willys, even after I bought it. I went in knowing that a sixty some odd year vehicle would have issues, and I curbed my expectations accordingly, but I was pleasantly surprised by their upfront disclosure and honesty regarding the jeep’s quirks. If you’re looking for a new car, or even a newer used car, this might not be your cup-o-tea – but as far as classic cars go, these guys know their stuff and I’d gladly do business with them again. Also, they had like a 100+ classic cars in their warehouse, so it was an awesome walk through. Talk about kid in a candy store…”

Chris C.

Aurora, CO 

“Trying to track down & find my husband’s ultimate muscle dream car for a surprise gift was nerve-wracking – I had no idea where to begin, who to trust, etc (I’m not much of a car person). Thankfully these guys were so helpful from start to finish – explaining every detail at each step and following up constantly. They went above and beyond the entire time, from getting me the perfect pictures of the car I was chasing to the best price possible, (and trust me – I checked on this). The car arrived exactly as described and every detail was as promised. I don’t know a ton about cars, but thankfully they know them inside and out, how to find a good deal and it’s clear they are passionate about what they do. Thank you, thank you for helping me to get the best gift ever – my husband was beyond thrilled. Will do business again anytime!”

Lane M.

Denver, CO 

“Not much of the ‘review’ writing gal, but this company is worth my words! I won’t lie, I don’t know much about purchasing automobiles, and I couldn’t have found a better gentleman to assist me in my purchase. I was looking to buy a classic car for my father to develop as an ongoing project – I had a good idea of what I wanted, but wasn’t sure what vehicle would be the right fit.. Worldwide Vintage Auotos went above and beyond in assisting me to find the perfect car. The salesman was PATIENT, kind, and very accommodating with my millions of questions and skepticism. I highly recommend his services! An honest man with a keen sense of business and great personal care. My dad loves his classic :).”

Gina P.

Littleton, CO 

“I just had an excellent experience at World Wide Vintage Autos. I called to ask about a car I was interested in and [the salesman] not only scheduled an appointment with me but went over everything on the car in person. I was very impressed with the large amount of inventory and his knowledge of classics. Thanks.”

Eric S.

Castle Rock, CO 

“We are enjoying our summer purchase from Worldwide Vintage Autos. Our 1956 Ford F-100 is a real eye-catcher and a blast to drive. [They] were very easy to deal with and everything that was in writing happened. Even when a new battery was initially overlooked, WWVA made it right.  The truck needed a new speedometer and fortunately [my salesman] arranged that for us at a reasonable price which we did appreciate.  We did not get a bargain, but rather we got what we paid for.  Naturally there were small issues easily addressed when we got the truck home, but no big deal.  It was extremely important to us that we flew out to Denver fully understanding that pictures do not tell the whole story.  So glad we did as we ended up passing on our initial truck choice, feeling it was not as good a value as the one we purchased.  Spending the time and money to go out there was well worth it for us. And even though we purchased a more expense vehicle, it was absolutely the right decision.”

Robert H.

West Bend, WI 

“Kind of uncomfortable buying a car that you haven’t driven but the photos and videos on the website are very thorough and [my salesman] was very helpful. The buying process was smooth and car was shipped out to me without much trouble. The FJ is in great condition and driving well. I would definitely use these guys again.”

Stewart A.

Santa Fe, NM 

“I’ve horse-traded a few cars with wwva in the last few years, let me tell ya, top notch people work here. My yellow 77 bronco was a total winner, less so than with the 59 convertible tbird I got for my dad (but the salesman Greg worked diligently to remedy the situation). Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again, though I would definitely recommend seeing any classic car in person or hiring someone to inspect it thoroughly beforehand… just my 2 cents.”

Benjamin H.

“Can’t say enough about Worldwide Vintage Autos. I am new to the vintage car world and could have been easily taken advantage of. Instead they made sure that the car I bought was right for what I wanted to do. I know now that the price was very fair and the car was better then described. All in all it was a very positive experience.”

Mark P.

Watertown, NY 

“I loved my experience at Worldwide Vintage Autos. My husband and I went to buy a car and we were extremely surprised by the inventory and staff at the business. Everyone was extremely helpful and very easy to work with. We ended up buying a great Bronco from them and we couldn’t be happier. We tell everyone about this little gem and we have already discussed purchasing another vehicle from them. We truly couldn’t be happier!!!”

Marnie P.

Denver, CO 

“I recently came across a sweet little FJ40 on ClassicCars website and knew I had to have it. I’ve purchase a few cars sight unseen on the internet, and it’s been a mixed bag – mostly because people love to oversell their crap if they know you aren’t going to come see it in person. But if anything, the car was better than I had hoped. WWVA answered every question I had about the Landcruiser, and they basically took care of arranging shipping for me. . . “

Erick S.

Santa Barbara, CA 

“I contacted Worldwide Vintage Autos for a 1970 Chevelle SS396 advertised. It was red and black like I used to have after I got back from Vietnam. I talked to a fella about the car.  He went over the car with me on the phone, answering every question I had in very much detail. He said he has his own collection, and describes the cars as such, which I very much appreciated!  Some people today lie to make a sale, or they are kids who don’t realize what a special car this is, and the details needed for my questions. I personally visited the shop before having the car shipped, and about fell in to tears!  It was much, much nicer than I thought! What a wonderful place to buy classics, which I will buy another, and recommend them as such!!! Most people who have left sore reviews probably don’t need to own classic cars. Keep your Toyotas, and Subarus, leave the real cars for people who love and understand them!!! Thanks again!”

Pat S.

Minden, NE 

“I live in California, but landed on Worldwide’s site several times while looking for classic cars to buy for my parents.  The inventory is huge pictures and descriptions are extremely thorough, and finally I decided it was time to fly out and look at some cars in person. The warehouse is impressive and well-kept. The sales staff is extremely friendly and were ready with cars I was interested in before I arrived. The cars were stellar and appeared exactly as advertised. After test driving a few cars I decided on a restored 69 Bronco that would best suite my parents on their ranch. The staff was very efficient and made it a quick and easy buying process. They organized a trusted shipping company and had the car delivered days later. I am very pleased with how the process went and the look on my dad’s face when that shiny Bronco pulled up the driveway…priceless.”

Jeff M.

Sacramento, CA 

“I found my 1964 Thunderbird convertible on the Worldwide Vintage Autos website.  After a couple days of questions and negotiating we agreed on the price. Transaction was super easy. I got all the needed paperwork within 2 days and the deal was done. The salesman even saved me a couple hunded dollars on the enclosed shipping from Denver to Phoenix. All in all the car was as described and I love my 64 Tbird. I won’t hesitate to do business again with Worldwide Vintage Autos.”

Allan C.

Phoenix, AZ 

“Recently moved here to the United States, and not wanting a modern plastic, over-sized toy – I decided to start searching for an older car, and lo and behold I found Worldwide Vintage Autos (They seemed to be everywhere I looked). With ease I was able to book an appointment to see the car in their great facility, all the cars were kept pristine, and in-house mechanics were keeping them that way. Staff were incredibly helpful, and despite me being shy of 20, they still took me seriously with all of my queries. Upon purchase; payment options and paperwork were met with fluidity and professionalism, even when out of state with a host of complications from being an International Student. Their shipping operations are up to par and timely, with great flexibility. Communications were always a pleasure, whether it be as serious as negotiating prices, or as simple as asking where I put the darn gas in. When it comes down to it – This is a good ol’ trustworthy business with folks who love doing what they do, and it shows; delivering 100% on what they offer with a smile. Only downfall is I can’t afford to come back every day.”

Dylan H.

Laramie, WY  

“I recently purchased a 1968 Bronco from WWVA. the experience was pleasant. We engaged in reasonable negotiations and once we agreed on a price, the transaction was painless. There were several noted deficiencies on the vehicle and WWVA shipped the replacements parts to my residence free of charge. This is the first time I’ve ever purchased a classic car sight-un-seen and I thought I was rolling the dice. Needless to say, I would purchase from this dealer again. It should be noted that I live in the Houston area and the vehicle was shipped from Denver to my doorstep in less than two days.”

Marcos D.

Houston, TX

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