WWVA May Blog – International Harvester Scout II

May 2017

International Harvester Scout II

The vintage 4×4 market is on fire! There is not a more popular vehicle to own this summer than a short wheel base 4×4. The following is a list of a few options and one of our favorites.

The popularity of the early Ford Broncos and FJ40’s has been tremendous over the last few years. Ford introduced the Bronco in 1966 and the most popular years were at the end of the production run in 1976 and 1977. Some of the later features included power steering and power brakes. Every year production had a removable hard top and was 4 wheel drive.

Toyota competed with Ford by providing their FJ series of “Land Cruiser.” They were produced from 1960 to 1984. These short wheel base SUV’s came with Inline 6 cylinder motors that begin at 3.8L in the 60’s and increased to 4.2L during the end of the production run. They were extremely well received and have become very popular today as many are restored back to their original glory. In addition, many have been highly modified and are selling north of $35,000.

International Harvester was also in the running during this time and was producing a short wheel base, full convertible SUV called the Scout. The early Scout’s were built beginning in 1961 with the Scout 80 model. They featured 154 CID Inline 4 cylinder motors.


In 1966 the Scout 800 debuted and was similar but had larger engines and electric wipers. The 800 was built into the 1968 model year when in November the 800A hit the assembly line. Larger motor options and other creature comforts like Dana 20 axles made the 800A more desirable.


IHC made a transition to the 800B model in August of 1970 and only produced them until March of 1971. This limited run SUV had very few upgrades or changes from the 800A

Then in 1971, the Scout II was introduced and they remained in production for nearly 9 years. This short wheelbase SUV featured a removable soft or hard top and had a 100-inch wheelbase. There were several motor choices with the most desirable being the 345 CID V8. The Scout II was built until October of 1980. Most of the changes over time were in the grill and 4×4 components (including axles and gear ratios). Motor size increased over time as well.


The Scout SSII (super-sport) was a limited production run from 1977-1979 and only 4,000 units of this soft top, soft door version were produced.


WWVA thinks that the IHC Scouts are just now finding their home among 4×4 enthusiasts. They are much more affordable than their Toyota and Ford counterparts.

We feel that with many of the same features, strong V8 engines, and classic American design, the Scout will continue to grow in popularity. Worldwide Vintage Autos has many Scouts available and scours the country on a daily basis to find the very best examples available.

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Sean B

WWVA Acquisition team