6 Classic Car Trends Making a Huge Comeback

Tim Setterfield

Posted: Jul 20 2021

As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, markets of all sorts are seeing new trends take shape. The classic car market is no exception, and new buyers entering the market have popularized...

The Resurrection of the Ford Bronco

Classic Trends

Posted: Jul 09 2021

2021: The year that the Ford Bronco was resurrected. The Bronco is back with a similar body shape and name, but all new features. Ford had ceased production of the legendary Bronco in 1997. Why...

5 Books On Classic Cars For Your Summer Reading

Classic Trends

Posted: Jun 30 2021

If you are looking to add some horsepower to your summer reading, check out these five books on classic cars. From outlaws to Le Mans to beating Hitler in a car race, these books are sure to get yo...

5 Rare Classic Cars

Classic Trends

Posted: Jun 28 2021

1931 Bugatti Type 41  This vintage car dubbed the Royale was an oversized luxury car that was produced between 1927 and 1933. Seven of these cars were produced, however, one of them has been wre...

31 Car-Related Dad Jokes For Father’s Day

Classic Trends

Posted: Jun 18 2021

There is nothing dad’s love more than a good car joke (except you and your siblings, of course). Spice up your Father’s Day card with one of these car-related dad jokes and show why you have always...

Top 5 Most Expensive Vintage Cars

Classic Trends

Posted: Jun 11 2021

If you are looking for the most expensive car in the market today, you will want to stay away from the latest and greatest. The real money is in classic vehicles.  1962 Ferrari 250 GTO - $70 mil...

5 Paint Jobs That Scream ‘Summer Road Trip'

Classic Trends

Posted: Jun 03 2021

With the majority of the cars on the road being black (23%), white (19%), and gray (18%), it is easy to forget that highways were once as colorful as the landscapes around them. With summer set to ...

Driving 101: Behind the Wheel of a 1996 Ford Bronco

Classic Trends

Posted: May 24 2021

The Ford Bronco is one of those cars that will always be cool. As one of the last old-school SUVs that were made, these vintage vehicles are still very popular on the market today. There were five ...

Top 4 Mercedes Classic Cars

Classic Trends

Posted: May 18 2021

In the German town of Stuttgart, Mercedes began making cars back in the late 1880s. Since then they have become one of the most recognized luxury car brands in the world. Mercedes sells both luxury...

5 Classic Cars in Movies

Classic Trends

Posted: May 11 2021

Who would James Bond be without his Bond car (besides of course one of the best cinematic members of the British Secret Intelligence Service)? And what would Ferris Bueller have stolen from Cameron...

Classic Car Values

Classic Trends

Posted: May 05 2021

In the past decade, the price of a classic car has skyrocketed. In 2020 there was a surge of new interest. People appeared to have more time on their hands because they were spending more time at h...

Benefits of Being a VIP Member

Classic Trends

Posted: Apr 29 2021

At Worldwide Vintage Autos, we offer a VIP program that comes with many benefits including a greater chance for you to find your perfect ride.  As one of the world’s largest vintage car dealersh...

1978 Chevrolet Corvette 25th Anniversary

Classic Trends

Posted: Apr 20 2021

In 1978, the legendary Chevrolet Corvette celebrated its 25th anniversary. All 1978 Corvettes included commemorative 25th Anniversary badging on front and back of the car. This model also saw the m...

Consigning Your Car with WWVA

Classic Trends

Posted: Apr 13 2021

Consigning your car: Behind the scenes For starters, let’s touch on what it means to consign your car. Consigning your car means letting someone else sell your car for you. Typically, you would pa...

Evolution of the 1987 Ford Ranger

Classic Trends

Posted: Apr 06 2021

Introducing the Ford Ranger: past models  In 1972, Ford owned a 7% stake in Mazda. Once Ford acquired more stakes, they introduced the Ford Ranger as a replacement for the Courier in 1982. The Ran...

Three Vehicles that are a Great Investment

Classic Trends

Posted: Apr 02 2021

With any investment, there is a risk, but since classic cars remain a nondepreciating asset, there is a good chance that buying a classic car will pay off financially for you in the future. There i...

Vehicle Transport: Moving Vehicles Across the US is Now Easier Than Ever

Classic Trends

Posted: Mar 23 2021

*Photo from The idea of shipping a vehicle across the country might seem stressful and expensive. In reality, moving a vehicle across the country is now easier than ever. Whether yo...

Ford Bronco: How Early Year Value Carries Over Into Later Year Models

Classic Trends

Posted: Mar 18 2021

Ford Broncos are one of the most loved and popular classic cars making the demand for them extremely high. Broncos have been the focal point of the collector truck/SUV market over the past few year...

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